What is Community by myQ?
Community by myQ is  a residential mobile application for people that live in gated community, high rise or multi-dwelling units. There were a couple of reason to create a separate app alongside the myQ residential app, one of the key differences in use cases is the a residents in a community do not own the devices and access points in a community and their access is defined by a property manager
What is the problem that we are trying to solve?
Community residents need a fast, reliable and secure way to monitor and control the community access points. Also they need to be able to share and schedule access with their guests and keep a record of past activities.
- access should be remote
- access should be traceable
- eliminate the need for keys
- schedule events and guest access
Resident app experience:
Phase 1 (MVP)
1. Video Calling: See who’s the gate, talk to them, give/deny access
Phase 2
2. Dashboard: Residents can see/control the access points they’re allows to
3. Guest Invites: Residents can invite guests easily, text guest pass/PIN
Research data was gathered from multiple sources, previous efforts on myQ Business web platform, in addition to that separate competitive analysis was done to compare similar community apps.
Phase 1 (MVP)
In this first iteration of the app residents are able to create account only if they have a valid invitation from the property management, they are able to receive a video call, grant access and see the history of video calls.
1. Usability testing was done with 8 participants to evaluate the sign up flow as well as the video call experience.
2. A-B testing was done to determinate the final layout of the video call screen 
3. Alpha and Beta testing with a few communities 
Different variations of the call video call screen
What did we learn after the first phase
1. Due to some technical difficulties iOS users had issuers when signing up for the account, as a result the sign up flow was altered to support account creation without the need for the community invite.
2. During the video call UI didn't match what was really happening, audio was still present even after the UI showed that the call was terminated, that's why additional transitional screen was needed to accommodate for the device "delayed" response.
Phase 2
In this phase user is able to see and control community access points and invite guests with one time guest pass. UI was completely redone to match the myQ component library. 
New Sign Up flow
Based on our Alpha and Beta testing results the community app sign up flow was significantly altered. These are the changes that were applied:
- user no longer needs an invite to create the new account
- updated community invitation email
- support for a phone number validation in order to provide more security, easier login and relevant data for myQ
  business web platform
- new sign up flow will be used as a template for a single sign on for all our digital products

Video Call Update
Video call screen was updated with new UI and a transitional state, where the user is able to see and talk to the person on the other side while the command is sent to a device to open the access point. During this transitional state the call cant be terminated, that's why the "end call" button is not available at this point. 
Dashboard is new page, since the first version of the app only had video calling capabilities. Dashboard gives the user ability to control the community access points from anywhere. 
Video call page was repurposed since it no longer have date only on video and audio calls, and now has additional information on residents access activity as well as any guest related information. All video and access events that can support video will show on a history page.
Updated Account Page and Ability to Change Entry Codes
Account page was moved from the bottom navigation to a top navigation element, ability to update community Entry Code PIN was added.
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